Established to Known™

Are you the world’s best-kept secret?

If no one knows about you, how can you grow your business to the level and success you want? You’re established in your business but are you sought after and the go-to expert in your industry?

This keynote shows you how to get the visibility and credibility you deserve and take you and your business from established to known™.

In-person or virtual


All workshops can be keynotes as well

In-person or virtual



Personal brand is vital for anyone in business or planning to be in business from the high school student to the CEO, EVERYONE needs to build their own brand.

Depending on the audience this includes on-line presence/website, social media profiles and content, brand, messaging, and media interviews.  PR and Brand Strategist, Christina Daves, will go through each of these and share the HOW and the WHY of building a strong personal brand.

Customized for your audience. 

Click above to watch an NBC news segment featuring Christina about Grad to Grown-Up to see how this can be applied specifically for college students.

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"She helped clean up our brand and message, introduced me to A-listers and following her recommendation I pitched a large media company and now we are working on a project in tandem. "

- Johnny Mo, Explore My Town


Do you ever wonder how businesses (maybe, your competition?!) get on TV, radio, print... even national shows?

In this presentation, PR Strategist, Christina Daves, will show you the three BIG mistakes you're making right now that keep you from getting noticed by the media!

Find out how to FIX these and start making money—with FREE PUBLICITY today!

  • Learn Christina's Proven Get PR Famous™ Formula
  • Make Your Business Newsworthy
  • Create Great Hooks
  • Find the Right Journalist
  • Stand out from the Crowd
  • Expose Your Business to Potentially Millions of New Customers


Customized for your specific industry.

"I have followed Christina for over a decade and used her techniques and they work! When she says PR for Anyone, she means it. I HIGHLY recommend working with Christina. Workshops, Keynote speaking, you name it, you won't be disappointed.

She was our opening speaker at our annual convention and simply hit it out of the park."

- Shell Brodnax, Real Estate Staging Association


Do you look at successful people and say, "They are so lucky"? Do you believe that people "luck" into things? Do you consider yourself "lucky" or "unlucky"?

In this presentation, Serial Entrepreneur, Christina Daves, will share how it's not luck that helps you succeed, but being prepared when opportunity knocks.

She will share her personal journey and provide your audience with insight into how they can:

  • Create a "lucky" mindset
  • Prepare for suspected opportunity
  • Recognize opportunities when they present themselves
  • Respond to opportunities by taking the maximum effective action
  • Learn from opportunities missed and hone the preparation process for the future


Customized to be an inspirational keynote, training session or as a breakout.

"Christina spoke at the Grow Retreat in 2021 and was an absolute star!! Everyone loved her! Her energy was on point for the after-lunch spot we gave her and really uplifted the room! She stands on the stage and really owns it."

- Stephanie Scheller, GROW Retreat


Many businesses are still marketing like it's 1999. Do you look at your phone as a means of simply calling and texting or as the most significant marketing and informational tool you own?

Christina will share the surprisingly humorous history of marketing and bring you to the forefront of modern marketing with tips, examples, and easy ways to start marketing your business to today's world.

  • Why NOW is the time you MUST embrace online marketing or get left behind by your competitors.
  • The three factors that are radically changing the way we do business, and how to use them in your day-to-day marketing.
  • How to use digital strategies to stand out in the crowd and be THE go-to-expert in your industry.


  • How to easily grow your list
  • How to become "Facebook Famous" (or IG or Tik Tok)
  • How to land appearances in Newspapers, Magazines and TV


Customized for your audience.

"Christina's presentation is high impact, high energy content, minus all the fluff! Her expertise will astound you with her high-level of her own success as proof. She did a great job speaking to our International Association of Women, DC Chapter leaving us with effective tools that we can use to get noticed collectively as well as in our own individual businesses. Christina is in a class all by herself and get's guru status when it comes to getting you massive exposure."

- Dr. Laverne Adams, IAW